Do House Cleaners Change Sheets?

do house cleaners change sheets

随着人们花在家里的时间比以往任何时候都多,混乱似乎越来越多. Plates are already full with work and family responsibilities, 所以找时间打扫房子和更换床单似乎是不可能的. 

幸运的是, cleaning services like OD真人首页 are available to simplify your life, ensuring your house stays clean and comfortable, even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. 

If you’ve never hired a cleaner before, you’re probably unsure what exactly a cleaning service entails. 确定, they vacuum, mop, dust, and clean the counters.

But you really hate changing the sheets and making the bed. It’s the bane of your morning each day. 

So, you might be wondering: do house cleaners change sheets?

更换你的床上用品和床单通常不包括在一个标准的住宅定期清洁OD真人的一部分. Some companies do include this service, though most will charge you an extra fee at the least, and some may refuse to change sheets at all. 

When hiring a cleaning service, it’s vital that you know what you’re getting, 因此,我们将列出你可以期待的OD真人,作为标准的经常性清洁的一部分,并解释为什么清洁OD真人通常不包括亚麻布. 

And since I know you hate changing the sheets, 我还会告诉你最好的方法来安排床单OD真人与你的清洁工. 

Is Changing Sheets Part of a Standard Clean?

你雇佣的每家清洁公司都会提供类似的OD真人, 尽管你所得到的细节会在它们之间有所不同. 

你可以合理地期望任何清洁公司做一些基本的工作,比如吸尘, 全面, 拖地, and dusting. 

Changing sheets and bed linens is not included on that list. 

清洁OD真人是来打扫你的家的,他们通常不会整理或收拾东西. 他们不洗衣服,不洗衣服,不洗碗,也不做其他日常琐事. 

当然,有些公司可能会允许你添加这些OD真人. You’ll find that they tend to be much smaller companies, individuals, or those with only a few cleaners on the team. 

Larger cleaning companies won’t usually offer such services, especially on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services

Why Aren’t Sheets Part of a Standard Clean?


第一个, doing your linens would require doing 洗衣, and you have to consider just how time-consuming 洗衣 is. 

A single load can take well over an hour to wash and dry. 确定, your cleaner can do other things while that load is going, but what are they going to do during the second or third load? Just sit there and watch the washing machine? 

Your cleaners have other clients and homes to clean as well, so they can’t spend all day in just one home. 至少,在不收取过高的时间费用的情况下!

That’s to say nothing of the logistics of it. Not every home has a washer and dryer, for example. 这意味着你的清洁工将不得不把你要洗的衣服送到另一个机构来清洗你的床单. 

也, 假设你的清洁工不知道你把每样东西都放在哪里, and they can’t remember the exact layout for each home. And if you’re not there to let them know where to look, they could waste previous time tracking them down. 

换床单需要清洁工找到新床单和床单放在床上, and if they did this in every home, 他们必须确切地知道他们无数的客户在哪里存放他们的床单. 

当然,他们不可能为了找床单而翻遍你所有的橱柜. 那将是非常不专业的,并且有可能引起各种各样的麻烦!

Plus, everyone changes their linens on a different schedule. Some people change their sheets every other day, yet some only change their sheets once every few weeks. 

清洁工没有做不必要的任务的习惯, such as changing sheets that were just changed, and with no way to know when linens were last changed, it’s generally best to leave them as part of the daily tasks. 


What Is Part of a Standard Clean?

在大多数情况下,你的房子清洁员会处理每周或每两周的家务. 日常工作,包括铺床,将留给房主. 

如果你开始怀疑雇佣清洁OD真人是否真的值得,当他们不为你清洗和更换床单, 那么你就没有考虑他们会照顾的其他工作过多. 

Many of these are probably neglected in your home now! 


  • Vacuuming or 全面 carpets and floors
  • Mopping hard floors
  • Empty household trash (removal of trash not included)
  • Clean the bathroom sinks and showers/tubs
  • Dust around the home
  • Clean high-touch areas
  • Wipe down countertops and cabinets
  • Clean and disinfect the toilets

How to Get Your House Cleaner to Change the Sheets?

As you can see, 你的清洁工要处理的杂务清单相当广泛, but it doesn’t include changing your bedsheets. 

Don’t fret though. In some cases, you can arrange for special services with your cleaner, including making your bed and changing your sheets. 

Be aware that not all companies will negotiate with you. 较小的公司和个人更有可能接受定制的安排, 但较大的企业可能不会满足这样的要求,因为时间和物流问题, as we discussed previously. 

让你的清洁工换床单的最好方法是让他们花更少的时间. 如果你在你的清洁工来之前把床上的亚麻布拿掉,然后在床上放上新的亚麻布, 这样你的清洁工就不用去找任何东西了,他们也知道他们不需要洗衣服. 

经常, if you leave your bed in such a state, stripped of the old linens with new ones waiting neatly on top, 你的清洁工会主动用新床单整理你的床. 

However, it’s certainly not guaranteed. 

如果你想让你的清洁工照顾你的床单, you’re going to have to talk to them and negotiate it. 

对于客户较少的小型清洁公司来说,像这样的小型附加组件可能不是什么大问题. But if you’re dealing with a larger cleaning company, they might still deny such requests, so be aware of that before you start negotiating. 至少,你应该为额外的OD真人收取一点额外费用. 

What Do We Do At OD真人首页 House Cleaning?

At any OD真人首页 house cleaning location, 你可以期待我们竭尽全力确保你的家真正干净, 让您在家中感到舒适,对我们的OD真人充满信心. 

为了达到这个目的,我们所做的不仅仅是上面列出的基本的标准清洁OD真人. 我们希望更进一步,确保您每次清洁后都满意. 

下面,你会发现一个完整的清单,包括我们的标准循环清洗 so you know exactly what you’re getting with OD真人首页. 

  • Emptying of household trash cans (trash removal not included)
  • Scrubbing of showers and tubs, 包括门和轨道(这可以去除硬水和肥皂浮渣上的污渍)
  • 对房子进行彻底的吸尘,包括楼梯、角落和缝隙
  • 从硬地板的边缘和角落取出难以触及的污垢
  • Wet mop all hard floors
  • Vacuum upholstery, including furniture
  • Wipe down hard furniture
  • Thorough dusting, including hard to reach areas such as ceiling fans, high cobwebs, around knickknacks, 固定装置, 和更多的
  • Cleaning of all glass doors
  • Cleaning of all mirror surfaces
  • 清洁厕所,包括厕所底部和后面的地板
  • Clean all window sills and tracks
  • 清洁高接触区域,如电灯开关、门把手、机柜拉手等
  • Clean the electrical outlets
  • Vacuum underneath rugs 
  • Clean down the exteriors of cabinets, cupboards, and drawers
  • Clean baseboards as needed
  • Clean air duct vents as needed


我们负责打扫,这样你就可以有更多的时间和家人在一起,或者做你喜欢的事情, 而不是跪在地上,手里拿着刷子!

You’ll still be responsible for the day-to-day cleaning, such as dishes, 洗衣, and changing your bed sheets, 但猫扑之星可以处理那些你找不到时间做的耗时任务,让你的房子感觉真正的干净!

Final Thoughts

Similar to other special services like oven cleaning在美国,一些清洁公司会更换你的床单,但你应该期待额外的费用.

Still, for most folks, it will be more than worth it.

After all, you only have 24 hours in a day!